Friends and comrades,

With militant joy, we invite you to the Zagreb Anarchist Book Fair, which will be held at two locations this year. On “Day Zero”, September 13th, the fair will take place at Postaja in collaboration with Vrrrane – an anarcha-queer autonomous group, featuring workshops, discussions, and a party. On September 14th and 15th at Youth Culture Centre Ribnjak along with book exhibitors and a wide selection of anarchist literature, discussions, panels, and workshops await you at ZASK.

A vegan meal will be provided to all participants of the fair by the Food Not Bombs Zagreb – an anarchist collective engaged in direct action of distributing free vegan food in public spaces in the city of Zagreb. We will also try to provide help with accommodation for participants (in squats and comrades’ homes, as well as offering suggestions for alternatives such as hostels).

The fair is based on anti-authoritarian, anti-fascist, anti-capitalistic and other anarchist ideas. We hope that like other anarchist fairs, it will serve as a platform for meeting, networking, distribution of materials and sharing experiences in the shared struggle.

The fair is organized horizontally, according to libertarian principles, and as such it is financed from donations and benefit events.

We invite you to participate in the program of the fair in any way you see fit. You can apply to hold a workshop, discussion, you can donate, or offer any type of collaboration you feel might contribute to the fair.

We wish to bring anarchist principles and theory of social and economic organization, philosophy, and science closer to all those who are interested. Let’s expand the fight against all systems of domination from the fair to the streets, workplaces, homes, schools, and hospitals!

Neither slaves nor masters, but anarchists!

Anyone who wants to contribute with a workshop, presentation or has any other form of interactive proposition can apply by 15th of July.

Publishers / distros who want to participate in the fair can apply by the 1st of September.

Apply through the following (the Participation category):


For any additional info, questions and suggestions, you can contact us at [email protected]

Other contacts